Metadata Futures, UI, and Discovery Creativity

Jesse A. Lambertson is the Metadata / Digital Resources Librarian at University of Chicago’s Law Library, having arrived not too long ago from Georgetown’s Law Library. He is interested in metadata, of course, but also how systems process it, make it viewable, and enable its use. He is an active member of UChicago’s LD4P Sinopia team where he catalogues and tests workflows in linked-data cataloguing. He also plays guitar and is currently studying Koine Greek.
For the subjects specific to day 3, Collaborations and Cooperative Endeavors, I am proposing a lightning round on the subject of metadata’s changing landscape, its relationship to how it looks to users, and what we might be able to do in Discovery in the near future. In this context, I hope to instigate a discussion about how BIBFRAME and linked-data could change discovery.

The idea here is to use my lightning session’s 7 minutes to draw out some of the modes by which metadata professionals, reference librarians, and sys admin folks can truly work together in order to not only prepare for metadata’s future, but also to share our specific expertise across the ‘aisle.’ This will bring folks from diverse areas of the libraries and backgrounds together to talk about the technical side of library technology in a transparent way.

I want to use my lightning session to deliberately engage in conversation about metadata in its current form, how it will change, and how those changes might look different to the user. As a result, my session will be, in part, a audience discussion between a range of folks from different libraries and contexts.

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