Assessing library spaces as achievement spaces

Christopher Stewart is the Discovery and Metadata Coordinator at Ottenheimer Library at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. His research interest is in discovering and developing unrecognized resources for data driven decisions in libraries.


Louise L. Lowe is the Student Success Coordinator at Ottenheimer Library at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Her professional focus is implementing meaningful student experiences and services through practical, collaborative, and achievable means. Her research interest is in demonstrating library value through communication and documented outcomes.

In 2019, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Ottenheimer Library began a space study to help maximize the use of the library spaces. The primary goal of the study included understanding students’ perceptions and use of the library while identifying and standardizing measures for continuous improvements. One measure identified was collection space performance. Collection space performance indicators outline how the physical and virtual collections in the applied sciences and formal sciences verses. humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences relate to student achievement and the amount of collection space given to those areas. The results of the collection space performance are then compared to seating capacity and the amount of space given to inactive and active collection space and library user spaces. The poster will demonstrate how collection space performance based on student academic achievement along with other metrics can provide data-driven collection development decisions in order maximize the use of library spaces.
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