Shaping the Future with Departmental Mission, Vision, and Values

Shelly Hypes is the Director of Access Services at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. At J. Murrey Atkins Library, Shelly works with her colleagues to develop thoughtful and innovative ways to connect the campus community with library collections and services. With professional experience in public and academic libraries, Shelly enjoys work allowing her to focus on the management of projects, systems, and change, applying for and managing grant funds, and library branding and design. Shelly is a Certified Ex Libris Alma Administrator and has been awarded the Virginia Public Library Directors Association Award for Outstanding Service for her introduction of ten Little Free Libraries to the city of Danville, Virginia.

Ryan Harris, Head of Research and Instructional Services, UNC Charlotte

Stephanie Otis, Associate Dean for Public Services, UNC Charlotte

While many libraries develop a strategic plan and define Mission, Vision, and Values at the administrative level, how do you accomplish this at a smaller, departmental level? Join us as we define and differentiate between Mission, Vision, and Values, and examine how the process of developing each of these statements benefits high-performing teams. This poster will outline a project to create defining statements for a Public Services unit consisting of Research and Instructional Services and Access Services, at a doctoral-granting institution with higher research activity. Presenters will provide practice-based information that can be used to lead your team through the highly collaborative process of creating your unique Mission, Vision, and Values. We will discuss strategies for honoring the already existing core values of your larger organization, approaches for creating space for all team members to participate, and techniques for honoring diverse learning styles and communication preferences. The process and final products of developing these defining statements can help us understand our purpose, the beliefs that guide our professional behaviors, and how we envision our futures.
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