Beyond “OK, Boomer”: Understanding Today’s Intergenerational Workplace Cultures in the Library

Session Description
In this interactive webinar session, the speakers will share their own experiences as part of a demographic cohort and reflect on how they have worked and managed different intergenerational workplace cultures. The purpose of the session is to discuss and explore the different generational cohorts in today’s workplaces. How do librarians from different generational cohorts share governance work? The speakers are librarians who work in school, public, academic and special libraries, and will share best practices in communication, management and leadership, for the different demographic groups including baby boomers, gen x, millennials and gen z. Which group does it best and does it matter? How does today’s library workplace support these different groups collectively? What about the experiences from librarians of color when it comes to intergenerational workplaces? Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and perspectives on the intergenerational workplace culture through a series of activities posed by the speakers.

Raymond Pun, Instruction/Research Librarian, Alder Graduate School of Education

Ray Pun
Raymond Pun is the Instruction/Research Librarian at the Alder Graduate School of Education.





Sarah Dallas, System Director, Southern Adirondack Library, New York

Sarah Dallas
Sarah Dallas is the System Director of Southern Adirondack Library in New York.





Eboni Henry, School Media Specialist, District of Columbia Public School, Washington,DC

Eboni Henry
Eboni Henry is a school media specialist at the District of Columbia Public School in Washington DC.





Jahala Simuel, Head of Access Services, Medical Librarian, Howard University-Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library

Jahala Samuel
Jahala Simuel is the Head of Access Services and Medical Librarian at the Howard University-Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library.

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