Are We Ready? Including Organizational Readiness in Your Change Plan

Session Description

Much attention is paid to how to manage the uncertainty throughout a change process, but often, it can be too late. This presentation will focus on the pre-work of a change initiative. Specifically, I will provide a holistic change model that extends Lewin’s three-stage (unfreeze, change, refreeze) model. The presentation will focus on a missing stage prior to unfreezing: readiness. Increasing readiness for organizational change will increase the effectiveness of a change initiative by reducing uncertainty, setting expectations, establishing clear expectations, and providing appropriate outlets for organizational pressure release.


Dr. Aaron Noland, Senior Strategist, Director of Planning and Assessment, James Madison University Libraries

Aaron Noland
Aaron Noland is the Senior Strategist and Director of Planning and Assessment at James Madison University Libraries. Aaron has a PhD in Strategic Leadership from JMU and an MA in Communication from Miami University (OH). Aaron’s focus is on aligning organizational strategies, activities, structures, and assessments. He has extensive experience facilitating training sessions for professional audiences. Aaron has over 10 years of consulting and training experience and has worked with large health care organizations, multinational corporations, educational departments (including Libraries), and nonprofits.

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