Elements of a Successful Proposal

In addition to the overarching theme, Building the Future Together, the The Exchange Working Group requests proposal topics relevant to the daily themes listed below.

  • Theme for Day 1: Leadership and Change Management
  • Theme for Day 2: Continuity and Sustainability
  • Theme for Day 3: Collaborations and Cooperative Endeavors

Watch a webinar recording full of useful suggestions!

Further, proposal submitters should also consider the The Exchange audience as well as opportunities for attendees to learn new information, skills and tools during the session. Attendees will be both ALCTS/LITA/LLAMA members and non-members, and have a wide range of experience and background in collections, technology, and management, including leadership, infrastructure, and futures. Attendees will be a combination of experienced managers and leaders in the field, early career librarians, and students just finishing their graduate studies, as well as everything in between.

As part of the proposal submission form, submitters will be asked to identify one to three learning objectives. The objectives should be concrete and make use of active verbs, and clearly identify what attendees can expect to learn. Submitters should consider the length and scope of the session when developing learning objectives. It may be helpful to write learning objectives using the phrase “By the end of the session, attendees will be able to …”

The virtual environment presents opportunities for innovation. Proposal submitters should keep the virtual platform in mind and look for opportunities to creatively engage with the audience. The Exchange Working Group and LearningTimes technical support intends to work with presenters to fold audience interactivity into each session. If a proposal submitter has an idea for audience engagement, especially one that fits with the presentation, they should include that information in the submission. We also welcome proposals that may not fit neatly into the suggested session formats.

The Exchange Working Group encourages proposals that address diversity and inclusion in collections, leadership, technology, innovation, sustainability, and collaborations. Presentation topics could address how libraries are incorporating the ideas of diversity and inclusion in their practices. Presentation topics could also relate to how libraries are recruiting and retaining librarians from underrepresented communities. The Exchange Working Group strongly encourages proposals from people who belong to communities that are underrepresented in librarianship and in the conversation about librarianship.